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How to take care of your skin after a laser hair removal procedure?

How to take care of your skin after a laser hair removal procedure?

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    Skin take care after laser hair removal

    The world of cosmetic treatment has evolved a lot with time. All thanks to modern and inventive technology, the person’s self-esteem and confidence increase. Be it female or male, both love to pamper themselves and address the concern which they are going through. From laser hair to Acne treatment in Vizag, all things are possible in the present time to improve the appearance, skin texture, and several other things.

    There’s one major thing: Once you choose to undergo cosmetic treatment, it’s essential to dedicate yourself completely. Be it before or aftercare, there should be no negligence on your part. Because every tiny step that you take offers the right results, and the following possible results are obtained. If you have undergone laser hair removal in Vizag, the blog highlights all the necessary aftercare tips.

    Aftercare guide for Laser hair removal procedure

    Here are some of the essential tips that you should follow after the laser hair removal treatment:

    Tip 1: Do not take a bath

    Do not take a bath for at least 48 hours after the laser hair removal. Please get the doctor’s assistance on when you should do the same.

    Tip 2: Avoid saunas and steam room

    You must stay away from the steam room and sauna when you take a bath. It’s essential to give your skin some time to settle down because excess heat is not appropriate for the skin.

    Tip 3: Apply an ice pack

    Pain and redness are normal after laser hair removal. Try to comfort yourself with an ice pack around the treated area.

    Tip 4: Avoid makeup

    Makeup product usage is a big NO after laser hair removal. At least for 1 to 2 days, don’t use any kind of makeup. It’s best to opt for mineral-based makeup products.

    Tip 5: Don’t use deodorants

    Don’t use any kind of deodorant after laser hair removal. At least for 24 to 48 hours, do not opt for any such product. If you do so, it only makes the discomfort higher.

    Tip 6: Always apply sunscreen

    Following laser hair removal, skin is sensitive and there’s a higher possibility of darkening. Therefore, you must apply sunscreen to the skin. Opt for the one that contains SPF 20 or higher. Talk to your doctor to suggest the right choice.

    Tip 7: Apply cream as suggested

    You are prescribed post-care calming care. It’s because the skin is sensitive. So, make sure to use the same as prescribed.

    Tip 8: Avoid sports and activities

    Don’t get yourself involved in strenuous exercise or sports activities that put excess pressure on the body. Sweat and heat can irritate the treated area.

    Make an informed choice every time!

    In the process of doing so, everything gets done with ease, and you are informed before and after care in the most suitable manner. For more information, schedule your initial consultation with Dr. C Vijay Kumar to boost the success and satisfaction rate with the procedure.

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