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What are the types of beard transplantation? Why is beard transplant advantageous?

What are the types of beard transplantation? Why is beard transplant advantageous?

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    • What is the implication of beard transplantation?

    Beard hair transplant can be referred to as the hair transplantation or restoration of hair in the beard area of the face. It comes under the category of invasive procedure. It is classified into two categories:

    What are charges incurred on undergoing beard transplantation or reconstruction?

    It highly depends on the method the specialists are incorporating to charge. Some specialists charge based on the extraction of several grafts.

    Some specialists charge based on the area of the recipient zone.

    The experience of the surgeon also counts and contributes to determining the average cost of the procedure.

    The location of the clinic also affects the actual pricing of the reconstruction procedure. If the clinic is somewhere which is considered as the posh area and where the traffic of patients is more, it is quite evident that cost of that clinic would be high as compared to that located somewhere outside the city or in a rural area.

    •  What are the most meritorious factors about beard transplantation?

    The hair which is grown on the beard area is customarily thicker and curly. These two factors prove to be highly beneficial when they are extracted as donor’s hair and implanted in a recipient zone. It would help in giving the dense look to the recipient zone.

    • Why the beard hair is not supposed to be implanted in the recipient zone?

    It is because the hairline is kept reserved to enhance the natural look. So these should neither be implanted in the hairline nor the temporal triangle.

    • Why is beard hair considered to be beneficial?

    Beard hair is grown out of the consequence of male hormones which is far better as compared to those hormones in the scalp which makes the hair fall.

    • What care should be taken after one has undergone the beard transplantation surgery?

    Beard transplantation surgery is skin sensitivity surgery, After one has undergone the beard transplantation surgery, he has to take care of some things which are written below:

    • It is necessary not to take a solid kind of diet after one has undergone the surgery. If you eat that kind of food that needs the effort of chewing, it will lead to the displacement of the grafts.
    • For The first two days, apply an antiseptic ointment in your beard zone.
    • Deliberate with your dermatologist at regular intervals.
    • What are the eligibility criteria for undergoing the surgery?

    Following are the important points that determine the eligibility criteria:

    • The patient who wants to undergo beard reconstruction should not be less than the decided age. It is customarily 25.
    • The patient should not have any species of heart disease and diabetic ailments.

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