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What are the topmost tips to get ready for hair transplant surgery?

What are the topmost tips to get ready for hair transplant surgery?

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    Preparing yourself to undergo Hair Transplant

    If you have been dealing with thin hair or a receding hairline, then you may have tried various options. But, you did not get the results you are looking for. If your hair loss issue is getting severe then the ideal choice is to undergo a hair transplant.

    Hair transplantation is an extremely safe and reliable choice for patients facing hair loss issues. In this blog, we are going to take you through the steps which makes it easier for you to prepare for the treatment.

    • Do not get a haircut

    People think that a haircut is a good idea to look smart and look well-presented and it will be easy for the surgeon to navigate the scalp. If you get the haircut then it is going to impact the treatment results. Hair growth is needed in the donor area so that the hair follicles can be transplanted easily.

    • Avoid smoking

    Some people crave to smoke to deal with the stress of undergoing surgery. However, by doing this you are going to impact the results. It is important to quit smoking a few days before the surgery and you need to avoid it while getting the treatment. Smoking can affect the healing timeline of the treatment. Make sure you wait till the time for the healing of grafts is not done.

    • Avoid alcohol consumption

    Make sure you avoid alcohol consumption at least 3 days before the surgery and avoid it after undergoing the treatment. Ideally, at least one week should be there to stop drinking before undergoing the treatment.

    • Stop taking medications

    There are some types of medications that can affect the healing timeline of the treatment. You should not take aspirin and anti-inflammatory medications at least a fortnight before the treatment. Make sure to avoid the use of medications for depression and high blood pressure along with beta-blockers & blood thinners. Consult your medical expert and then only stop the use of medications or take any medication. Taking medications without supervision can affect the desired results of the treatment.

    • Stop the vitamin supplements

    You need to stop the use of supplements and multivitamins at least a fortnight before the treatment. By doing so, it increases the chances of having a successful hair graft.

    • Massage

    Before you visit the doctor to get the treatment, it is important to get ahead of the massage. You should rub the scalp for around 10 minutes every day or half an hour. By doing so, the skin gets soft, and also the blood flow is proper to the transplanted grafts. Both of these factors are important for improving the treatment success rate.

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