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Hair Transplant: Mark New Year’s Eve with a new look and confidence

Hair Transplant: Mark New Year’s Eve with a new look and confidence

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    Hair transplant has proven to be an elixir for many patients while they are struggling with hair loss or the problem of baldness knocking on their door at a young age. Indeed! This treatment has proven to be the best in all ways. If you are still 50-50 on your decision of getting the Hair transplant in Kakinada then this is your guide to read about the patients who have been benefited from hair transplant treatment.

    A gratified patient who choose hair transplant in 2021

    Samay Chandok

    Since college, I have been a fashion enthusiast. From head to toe, I always made sure I looked the best and nothing less than that. But, ‘Who has seen the future?’ If someone would have seen the future then don’t you think things would have been way more different. I also hoped the same when my hair loss triggered. The best part is that I did not neglect the situation and made a prompt decision.

    Search for the best hair restoration surgeon

    I did some research and came across Dr. C Vijay Kumar. As my friend is living in Vizag so I asked him to gather some information about his expertise and approach towards hair transplant. I was amazed at what I heard about the doctor. He is one of the best hair restoration surgeons for Hair transplant in Vizag. I was stunned when I came to know he has the expertise of 40+ years. I scheduled my consultation through email and the team responded to me back and scheduled the consultation.

    Meeting the doctor face-to-face

    I flew from Mumbai to Vizag to have a face-to-face consultation with the doctor. Dr. C Vijay Kumar is a crackerjack hair restoration surgeon as his skills and expertise are way too different and better than anyone. It might be easy to say in words but when you consult him personally you will get to know about his aura and approach towards the patients. Before customizing my hair transplant treatment, the doctor checked my hair loss condition & diagnosed the reason behind hair loss. Depending on the same I got the necessary treatment plan.

    FUE hair transplant with 4000 hair grafts

    It’s an experience that I will never forget in my life. Considering my hair loss, the doctor suggested that I get an FUE hair transplant with 4000 hair grafts. It took around 6 to 7 hours to perform the procedure.

    Samay Chandok, ‘’The journey of getting a hair transplant might seem long to you but once you see the results everything is just worth it. It’s actually like getting your lost confidence back. Altogether I felt like I am a new person. Utmost gratitude towards Dr. C Vijay Kumar for helping me in my hair loss journey.’

    Are you planning to go somewhere for the new year?

    You still have some time. Why don’t you consult one of the best hair restoration surgeons in Vizag to transform your look? You know the name who you have to trust for the procedure. Simply, schedule the initial consultation to feel utmost good about yourself.

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