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What’s the duration of hair transplant surgery? Is the treatment painful?

What’s the duration of hair transplant surgery? Is the treatment painful?

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    Time duration of hair transplant surgery

    When talking about hair transplant treatment, individuals have different concerns on their minds, like success, total time taken, the extent of pain, recovery, and much more. Well, in this blog, from our doctor’s word, you will know about the time taken to perform the Hair Transplant in Vizag and if the procedure is painful or not. To begin with, let’s answer the time duration of hair transplant.

    What are the factors that determine the total time required to get a hair transplant?

    Different factors that determine the total time required for hair transplantation are:

    • Total number of grafts required for implantation

    During the initial consultation, when the doctor performs the scalp analysis and checks the baldness level, it helps to determine the total number of grafts required. Through the initial analysis, it’s easier to determine what’s required next and the total time the surgery will take. So, when you visit the Hair clinic in Vizag, you will get to know about the same.

    • Type of procedure required to perform the transplant

    The baldness level and other factors combined help to tell better about the type of procedure that’s required to perform the treatment. No doubt, the final choice is between FUE and FUT. And your doctor will tell you about the same when you visit for the initial consultation.

    Types of the hair transplant procedure

    Let’s give you a brief understanding of the hair transplant procedure:

    • FUE

    Follicular unit extraction requires the extraction one by one and transplanting the same individually. The procedure takes much more time, but it’s the precision and overall results that makes the entire approach much better. Usually, the hair transplant procedure requires around 8 hours.

    • FUT

    Follicular Unit Transplantation requires the transplantation of grafts in a strip along with extraction. That means the doctor extracts the hair strip from the back and transplants the same to the less hair growth area. The said method of hair transplantation requires 4 to 6 hours.

    Is a hair transplant painful?

    Let’s answer the most common concern. To know about the same, it’s essential to understand all the necessary basics and then plan for the surgery accordingly. The method of extraction and transplantation has gotten a lot better with time. It’s an advanced and inventive technique for doing hair transplants. Additionally, the treatment is performed by an experienced and skilled team of hair restoration experts. The method of hair transplant is performed under local anesthesia that allows numbing of the scalp, and there’s no pain or discomfort.

    The hair transplantation is performed as an outpatient method, i.e., there’s no need for an overnight stay at the hospital. After the surgery, you are allowed to go back home and follow all the necessary tips to go through the recovery phase. So, undergoing surgery does not lead to pain.

    Final word

    If you wish to plan for the hair transplant journey, then schedule a consultation with Dr. C Vijay Kumar to make an informed choice.

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