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How is hair transplant performed for patients with white hair?

How is hair transplant performed for patients with white hair?

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    Is hair transplant possible with white hair?

    White hair is a worrisome situation for many individuals especially when the problem starts at the beginning. Additionally, when the problem comes with hair loss it is even more problematic to deal with. No doubt, many individuals simply prefer to dye their hair and not bother about the white hair & hair loss. But, not everyone thinks this way. So, what’s the solution? In this case, undergoing the Hair Transplant in Vizag can help to handle that situation. However, the concern is, ‘Whether hair transplant is possible with white hair?’ Let’s understand the same in a better manner.

    How is white and normal healthy hair different?

    The body contains melanin pigment which gives skin & hair color. The hair color is going to depend on the factor of how much is in the body. With the increase in age, the melanin level will decline in the body & hair is going to get white. Additionally, genetics do play an important part & the harmful habits you do daily like smoking as well as drinking will make that difference in hair health.


    All in all, whether it’s white or normal hair there is no major difference in its nature & composition. White hair may be triggered due to hair dryness & hair fall along with natural oil secretion. This is the reason it’s imperative to consult the doctor about the Hair Transplant in Kakinada & understand better how the condition can be well-managed.

    Is it possible to perform a hair transplant for white hair?

    YES! A hair transplant can be performed if you have white hair and there are no such additional complications or conditions. All those who are planning to get a hair transplant can choose to get this done without any worry. In case you want to dye your hair then it’s better to wait for 3 weeks or wait till the surgeon advises you to do something further. Following the surgery, you must be doing things as per his advice otherwise the results are likely to get affected.

    Hair transplant is safe to perform for white hair & hair loss issues

    All those who are in search of smothering effective for hair restoration should get the hair transplant without thinking about anything. During a hair transplant, the hair follicles are extracted from one part of the scalp and then transplanted to where hair growth is less.

    Get yourself a customized treatment plan

    Do you have white hair? Do you have hair loss? Are you tired of both situations? No matter what the situation is, better plan your initial consultation with the hair restoration surgeon? Only after determining your condition will you be told properly what to do or what your treatment plan will be like?

    Final word

    All in all a hair transplant is possible if you have white hair. If you are wondering what your hair restoration treatment will be like then schedule an initial consultation with Dr. C Vijau Kumar to know the right way how everything will move forward.

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