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How Much Time Do You Expect Your Hairs To Grow Back After Hair Transplantation?

How Much Time Do You Expect Your Hairs To Grow Back After Hair Transplantation?

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    Are you also thinking of doing a hair transplant and thinking how much time the surgery will take to grow back the hairs on your head? Or you have gone through a hair transplant and your hairs are still shedding? Do not worry this article will help you in finding the solution to your problem.

    Shedding of hairs after a hair transplant is normal. Don’t worry if you have done hair transplantation and you are facing major hair fall. Hairs take time to grow back. With passing time you will see your hairs growing back. The results are based on popping and maturation.


    The new transplant hairs popping through the scalp within 3 months of the surgery. 30% of the growth you will see in your scalp whereas 40% by 4 months and so on. By month 9 you will see the hairs popped up through your scalp.


    Darkening, thickening, normalizing the hairs are known as maturation. Between 3 to 5 months of the surgery, the hairs penetrate the scalp and are known as immature, whereas by the 6-month person will see the 40 to 50 % which is known as matured. The person will be satisfied with the results of the surgery. You can cut your hair, your hair in your way. With each passing month, you will be happier seeing the actual result of the hair transplant.

    Don’t worry if your hair is growing slowly it differs from person to person. Some hairs will grow at normal speed, some grow faster and some hairs grow slowly. That is why surgeons usually wait for 18 months for the final assessment.

    Do you even know why you face hair fall?

    • Stressing too much
    • Not having a proper diet
    • Medications
    • Some diseases like cancer

    Patients should follow the instructions of the doctor for better results. Some things they should keep in mind are:

    • Do not wash hairs for some time
    • Do not comb your hairs
    • doing hardcore exercises
    • Eat healthy food

    You might face some problems which will go with the help of prescribed medicines.

    • Swelling
    • Bleeding
    • Infection
    • Redness

    Things you should keep in mind if you are going for the hair transplant surgery are:

    • The doctor should be well experienced.
    • The cost of the surgery is also dependent upon the experience of the surgeon.
    • Don’t forget to check the location, reviews, rating on the internet.
    • You don’t have to disturb your daily routine for the hair transplantation.
    • There are two types of hair transplantation for the surgery i.e. follicular unit extraction and follicular unit transplantation.
    • Some patients remain awake and some take sedative during the surgery. So it depends upon you.

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