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Can dandruff cause hair loss? How can you prevent dandruff from hair loss?

Can dandruff cause hair loss? How can you prevent dandruff from hair loss?

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    Dandruff and hair loss

    These are the two most common health issues which come together and are often talked about the most. If you wonder whether dandruff can result in hair loss or not, then this blog will give you detailed information about the same.

    Is your hair loss getting worse all of a sudden?

    In such a case, you need to get yourself the treatment of Hair Transplant in Vizag to prevent the condition in all the best possible ways. Undergoing the hair transplant treatment means that you are getting yourself a solution that’s all effective, natural, and gives you permanent results.


    Dandruff is a common issue

    Dandruff is the condition that triggers flaky skin on the scalp, and with this problem, it will have white flakes on the shoulder. Although, there are cases where dandruff won’t trigger hair loss directly. But, yes, itchiness leads to scratching, and the chances of hair follicles getting damaged are higher. If the scratching continues, there are increased chances of baldness. It would help if you didn’t let the condition reach that stage and get yourself medical assistance at the earliest.


    Is your hair loss not manageable at all?

    If your hair loss is getting worse suddenly, you should get yourself the treatment of Hair Transplant in Kakinada. It’s one of those treatment options that are effective in all the right ways to address your hair loss effectively.


    How can I prevent hair loss from dandruff?

    Initially, the focus should be on preventing the itchiness during dandruff so that the problem doesn’t worsen with time. If that is done, the hair health won’t get affected. Here are some of the things that you should do:


    Get yourself the necessary diagnosis

    The initial step here is to get the diagnosis done on time to know better how you can address the condition on time. When you consult the medical expert, it’s like you will know better what’s the underlying cause and what further should be done for effectively managing the situation:

    • Dry skin
    • Seborrhea
    • Malassezia
    • Contact


    Use a medicated shampoo

    If you have dandruff, then the doctor will suggest a medicated shampoo. Make sure to use the recommended one as indicated by the doctor.


    Add moisture to your hair

    No matter the reason behind dandruff, you must keep the hair hydrated. Mainly when medicated shampoo is used, which has salicylic acid in it. To nourish your hair, you should use coconut oil, and afterward, you need to rinse it.


    No need to use irritating hair products or limit the use

    The use of hair dye and hair products has the presence of ingredients that are known for making the skin sensitive. Additionally, it would help if you managed the stress levels to effectively manage the problem.



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