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Everything you need to know about the procedure of beard transplant

Everything you need to know about the procedure of beard transplant

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    Beard Transplant

    The demand for beard hair transplant is gradually increasing.  It is divided into 2 categories.

    • One of the most common types is when beard hair grafts are used for the donor area. This is used when a patient has insufficient donor hair on the scalp as they are suffering from a high level of baldness.
    • The trend of keeping the beard is increasing a lot as it gives a more manly look. The top cricketer like Virat Kohli is making this trend increased even more and they are an inspiration to many youngsters. In some cases, the beard is not thick because of genetic factors and this might give bald patches on the scalp. For this method, the hair grafts are taken by FUT or FUE and then they are implanted in the beard area to give a thick and natural looking beard.


    What is the cost of a beard hair transplant?

    Well, the cost of beard hair transplant is more in comparison to a normal hair transplant. Additionally, it depends on the experience of the surgeon that how much they are charging for the hair grafts.  Make sure you choose the best and skilled surgeon for the treatment as they will charge reasonable and also give quality results.

    If you are looking to get Hair Transplant in Visakhapatnam then you can visit our hospital and consult the surgeon.


    How does the procedure of beard hair transplant work?

    The most important factors which are helpful is that the grafts of beard hair are thick and they grow with curl. Keep in mind they should not be implanted in the hairline and temporal triangle as here thin hair is needed.

    In most cases, the beard hair is mixed with scalp hair to give a natural look. They are best for mid-scalp and crown area. The beard reconstruction gives the best look when scalp hair is used.


    What is the best procedure for transplanting the hair?

    Actually, in this FUE method is used to harvest the hair. To take the beard graft, very small punches are made. It leaves a tiny hole on the scalp which gets healed on its own. From the scalp, the grafts are taken out by FUT or FUE.

    • In FUT, a strip of hair is taken from the scalp and hair follicles are taken from it.
    • In FUE, the follicles are taken from the scalp directly.

    Although both the techniques are good and whichever method the surgeon chooses the results will be best. Choose only experienced surgeon for getting the treatment.


    Who is the best Candidate for a beard transplant?

    There is no such thing that a person can get the transplant. If you are physically fit and in good health then you can undergo the surgery. Your doctor will let you know how many grafts you will need.


    How to take care after the surgery?

    For two days, you need to eat soft food so that grafts do not get misplaced. After 3 weeks the grafts will fall out and after 3 to 4 months permanent hair will grow.

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