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Restore Your Confidence with Hair Transplantation

Restore Your Confidence with Hair Transplantation

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    Many people face the problem of baldness.

    But do you know your baldness affects your personality?

    Here is a solution to this problem: Hair Transplant surgery.

    Hair transplantation is a surgical method that clears hair follicles away from one part of the body, called the ‘donor site,’ and the balding part of the body is known as the ‘recipient site.’ The method is mainly used to treat male pattern baldness.

    How Does Hair Transplant Surgery Work?

    The surgeon cuts a tiny piece of healthy hair and moves to the thinning area of the scalp. A hair transplant is also called a hair replacement. In this case, sometimes surgeons utilise a small, round punch to clear away the skin that embodies 10 to 15 hairs. Patients call these grafts “hair plugs.” The hair transplant technique takes several hours

    Is Hair Transplantation Surgery good?

    Hair transplantation is a comparatively safe and identical surgery with very few complications. It is a cosmetic surgery, so that the difficulties may burn society. However, a hair transplant is not painful, thanks to regional anesthesia and postoperative pain treatment. While it is impossible that no surgery can be completely painless, and some little and likely temporary level of trouble is viable, a hair transplant is typically a pleasant and straightforward experience for those who suffer from losing hair.

    What situation does Hair Plant graft?

    There are various causes for losing hair. Periodically hair fall is temporary, but it may be stable. Hair plantation may help in stability in hair loss caused by:

    • Alopecia areata:- Alopecia areata is a type of disease that means patchy baldness on the body. This disease occurs due to the immune system attacking the hair follicle.

    • Due to Thyroid disease or an imbalance in hormones

    Different Types of Hair Plant Surgery

    There are many ways to perform Hair transplant surgery, which include:

    • Tissue expansion

    • Grafting

    • Scalp reduction

    • Flap surgery

    How is Tissue expansion work?

    If you are facing the problem of scalp baldness caused by burns. Your doctor may perform tissue expansion surgery. In this case, several steps are involved:-

    • The doctor inserts a transplant under the scalp, where the hair remains.

    • This surgery takes seven weeks, during which the expander is constantly inflated to stretch the skin.

    • The surgeon covers the bald area with the stretched skin in the second method.

    How is grafting work?

    Grafting is the most ordinary type of Hair transplantation in which the doctor cuts a small piece of the area with healthy hair, which takes several hours.

    How does scalp reduction work in Hair transplantation?

    In this method, surgeons clear away tiny bald skin from the scalp. The primary scalp reduction area is on the head’s top and back. Some doctors provide scalp reduction and hair transplants together to obtain full coverage.

    How does flap surgery work?

    If you have a large area of baldness near the front part of your head, Hair Transplant Clinic in Vizag recommends flap surgery for Hair transplantation. This method helps the doctor to cut the flap and lift it over the area where baldness is shown.

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