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Several lifestyle changes that can overcome your problem of Hair fall

Several lifestyle changes that can overcome your problem of Hair fall

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    Hair fall, 30 to 40% of the global population faces it at least once in their life. This condition even leaves some people in trauma because of its effects on the personality of the person. If we talk about men, a very few of them embrace it, while others choose the option of Hair Transplant.

    1. Shampoo:- We shampoo our hair every now and then and this can be a major cause of the hair fall. The frequency of the hair wash should be dependent on the type of the scalp, for example, if the dry scalp is washed again and again can cause the further dryness of the scalp and can lead to hair fall and if an oily scalp is not washed at least thrice a week can damage the hair. Moreover, your shampoo should be free of harsh chemicals such as sulfate. For men it is recommended to use a shampoo with DHT blockers

    2. Conditioner:- A good conditioner can help you to keep the health of your hair good. The conditioner contains Amino acids in it, which nourishes the hair follicle and the strand.

    3. Diet:- Diet plays the main role in keeping hair healthy. Because, external factors like shampoo and conditioner can not give nutrition to the hair. So, you should consume a healthy and balanced diet every day. Your daily food should contain biotin and omega fatty acids in it, which you can get in tomatoes, egg yolk and nuts. Exercise is also important for the health of hair. Regular exercise keeps the blood flowing into every part of the body and blood delivers oxygen and nutrition which is very important for the scalp.

    4. Chemical Treatments:- Undergoing various chemical treatments on hair damages it because of the harsh chemicals and high temperatures like straightening, purming, colouring and curling. So you lower the practices of these kinds of treatments on your hair.

    5. Oiling:- Oiling of the scalp once a week is very important. It smoothes the hair strands and increases the blood flow in the scalp. You should choose the oil which suits you and should cover the hair with a shower cap so that pollution and dirt does not harm your hair and wash the hair after 2 hours.

    6. Trim the hair:- You should trim your hair after every 6 to 8 weeks for the growth of hair. Firstly long hair is hard to manage and mostly hair gets dead ends regularly which hinders its growth.

    7. Stress:- Stress is the biggest enemy of hair. More stress can even lead to baldness and even other health problems. It is better to control the stress levels earlier. It is easier said than done. Meditation and yoga are the best solution for fighting stress and should be practised regularly.

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